LGBTQ Parenting Roundup: Entertainment Edition

Even in the middle of summer, things are happening! This week’s roundup is heavily (but not exclusively) about entertainment news—lighter fare, perhaps, but also touching on the important topic of representation. Read More >>

Take Part in New Study on Pregnant and Postpartum LGBTQ+ People

“Mayor Pete” Stars in New Picture Book

New Hampshire Governor Signs Legislation Protecting LGBTQ and Other Families

New Music Album Celebrates Trans and Nonbinary Children and Youth


Flag of Rhode Island

Rhode Island Passes Bill Protecting Families Formed Through Assisted Reproduction

The Rhode Island Legislature this afternoon passed a bill that updates the state’s parentage laws to provide stronger, more equitable protections for families formed via assisted reproduction. Read More >>

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Yes, even in Massachusetts, which led the nation in marriage equality, married same-sex couples who use assisted reproduction still need to do lengthy, expensive, and intrusive second-parent adoptions in order for their children to have ironclad legal ties to both parents. A new bill would greatly simplify the process. Bills in New Hampshire and Rhode Island would also streamline the recognition of nonbiological parents—but they all need your support. Read More >>
The Fosters

Watch Next Week: “The Fosters” Family Reunites

Stef, Lena, and their five kids are coming back to our screens! Read More >>

Why the Supreme Court Decision on Birth Control Is a Queer Issue

The only time I’ve ever been on birth control was when my spouse and I were trying to have a child. This just goes to show the variety of ways that birth control is used—and why the Supreme Court’s recent decision allowing more employers to refuse to cover it is very much a queer issue. Read More >>

Summer Slowdown 2023

Summer is upon us. I’m going to scale back posting frequency a bit (but not entirely!) through August in order to spend more time with my family and work on a few behind-the-scenes projects. I’ll still post a couple of times a week and be on social media. I hope you and your families are able to enjoy something of the summer, too, even in these trying times. Read More >>
I'm Still Here - Martina Reaves

A Lesbian Mom’s Memoir of Cancer and Life

A new memoir by a lesbian mom interweaves the strands of her life from San Francisco in the 1960s through teaching, law school, coming out, starting a family, and surviving two types of cancer. Read More >>
American flag with children's silhouettes

(Re)building Our Nation: July 4th, Hamilton, and LGBTQ Families

I am thinking this July 4th week of a song from the musical “Hamilton,” which sees its television premiere on Friday. Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr sing together to their children about their new country, “We’ll bleed and fight for you, we’ll make it right for you./ If we lay a strong enough foundation/ We’ll pass it on to you, we’ll give the world to you/ And you’ll blow us all away.” What is the world we want to leave to our children? What do we need to do to make it happen? 哪些方法可伍浏览国外网站

Now Available: New Picture Book About a Girl with Two Moms Learning About Emotions

A beautiful new picture book by a two-mom couple has succeeded in its crowdfunding campaign and is now available! It’s a great story about a child learning that it’s okay to express her emotions—and the fact that she has two moms is incidental. Read More >>

“Trans/Nonbinary Kids Mix” Music Album Coming Soon

Award-winning children’s music duo Ants on a Log is producing a new music album for and about transgender and nonbinary youth—and plans to make it available free! Here are the details—and how you can show that this type of project is valued! 在国内访问国外网站
Help LGBTQ Nonprofits Help Us on #GiveOUTDay

Help LGBTQ Nonprofits Help Us on #GiveOUTDay

Today is the eighth annual Give OUT Day, a time to show the power of the LGBTQ community and to boost our collective impact in giving to LGBTQ nonprofits. Over the past several years, many nonprofits supporting LGBTQ individuals and families have struggled as charitable giving has fallen, both because of tax changes and the economic uncertainty brought by the pandemic. Even small donations can have a big effect today, though.  在国内访问国外网站
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LGBTQ Parenting Roundup

LGBTQ Parenting Roundup: Entertainment Edition


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